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We will help you in launching your business in US. We will deal with the paper work and all other services for registering your business. 

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Hire us for opening your company in US. We will provide you complete guide for launching your company in US.

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As foreign founders ourselves, we’ve successfully launched businesses in the US. By overcoming the hurdles first-hand, we’ll guide you through the entire process to set up your business.

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Starting a company is a struggle. Lots of paperwork. Outdated software. Government headaches. The Firstbase platform is built to fix all of that.

  • LLC or C-Corp registration
  • Filing service
  • EIN Number
  • Business bank account
  • Tax filing service
  • Professional Consultation

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We have worked for various organizations and helped them in launching their business in US. Some of our work and achievements are below:

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We ensure the quality and authenticity of all the work for launching and registering your business in US. We will deal with all the legal work needed.