GGO Auto Services Done Right

Let’s take your monthly car sales to new heights by partnering with the BDC team that delivers prospects with high quality, high show appointments. We do things differently, just contact us to find out how.

GGO Auto Services We Specialize In

Sales BDC

We’re Open 24/7/365 days per year

90 Day Internet Lead Program

All Internet Leads will be responded to in less than 60 seconds after a shopper submits their inquiry.

Day 1: Call, Text, Email
Day 2: Call, Text, Email
Day 3: Call, Text, Email
Day 4: Call, Text, Email
Day 10: Email
Day 15: Email
Day 21: Call, Text, Email
Day 35: Email
Day 50: Email
Day 75: Email
Day 90: Email

Typically the above program achieves a 70% contact rate, 30%+ appointment set rate, 65% appointment show rate, and increases overall close rate on Internet Leads by 3-5%.

Service BDC

The BDC will place outbound calls to guests with upcoming service appointments to ask if they’d be open to their vehicle being appraised, as top dollar for trade-ins is currently being offered. This is a great program to sustain vehicle inventory.

Inbound Phone Calls (Phone Ups)

The BDC will receive inbound phone calls from any source you would like. Calls to the main dealership phone number, the sales line, service line, numbers listed on the website, or any phone number listed across the internet for your advertising campaigns.

CRM Mining

1250 outbound calls will be made to unsold showroom traffic, appointment no shows, and past Internet Leads that have not purchased a vehicle yet. This is a great program to mine all available opportunities in your CRM.

Quality Conservation serves

The Bay Area (San Francisco, Alameda, Contra Costa, Sonoma, Napa and Solano Counties)

The Greater Los Angeles Area (Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties)