• Market analysis and research
  • Overseas market advisory services
  • Email Marketing
  • B2B, Business-to-Business  marketing
  • Incentive advisory through governments agencies
  • Global trade shows and event planing
  • Marketing material
  • Language and translation support
  • International delegation development
  • Product launches
  • Wholesale and Retail
  • Investment consultancy
  • Brand and catalog design
  • Joint venture
  • Global office setup
  • Global business participation through trade shows
  • Global business participation through media
  • Business insurance services
  • In – depth knowledge of government investment agencies
  • Global advertisement services
  1. Creation and management of innovation team
  2. Definition, accompaniment, management, direction and control of an innovation team in their process of identifying and managing innovating projects in different areas of an organization.
  4. Selection of persons with an orientation towards innovation.
  5. Creation and formalization of an innovation team.
  6. Regular meetings of the innovation team under the direction and management of Global Group One, oriented towards development of innovating projects in different areas.

  8. Our Process

    This is in some ways the most crucial part of the process  obtaining a detailed understanding of what the client is looking for and what we are offering.
    Based on the market analyses we identify suitable partners for the client to work with in the global market.
    We discuss with you our idea of promoting  your business in a country of interest and guide you through the best of our knowledge.
    We remain involved with the ongoing relationship between the client and local partners, helping to manage their business .

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