International business development strategies

International growth:

Global Group One  framework of international strategies and competencies

Where to grow? International Macro and Micro economical scenarios of growth New markets? New consumer segments? New sale channels?

How to grow in global markets? Marketing and Commercial Strategies for international development

  1. International Product and Service strategy: development and innovation at a local –global level.
  2. International Value and Pricing strategy: methodology to define product and service pricings in international markets.
  3. International Sales and Distribution strategy: identification of international sales channels and online and offline distribution models and how to arrive to international key accounts, clients and global consumers.
  4. International Branding and Communication strategy: online and offline communication strategies in international markets.

Resolve a practical case that allows participants to practice through role-playing the strategies, methodology and good practices necessary for developing global business.

Global Group One International Key Drivers: the basics, the value deconstruction, the crossline and the cross-cultural.


New trends in sales teams: the consultant seller

A solid academically and practically training enables a company’s sales team to:
Become “communicator” or a “bridge” between the market/client and the organization Become a client´s consultant, more that seller

New trends in communication: the use of social networks

A solid academically and practically training in the use of new technologies and social networks:
As a result, the company is developing tools for increasing online and offline brand visibility, presence and knowledge.

Brand Positioning

A solid academically and practically training towards an innovating and differential marketing communication that offers a:
Higher visibility, presence, recognition, notoriety, and memory of the brand. Differentiation from competitor brands.

Cultivating the client´s loyalty: relationship marketing

A solid academically and practically training towards:
Working together in order to achieve client satisfaction. Building long – term business relations with clients. Integrating the client and its need in the company value – chain Building clients community

Negotiation and Business Skills

Global Group One Method of Negotiation provides to the internal team a solid academically and practically training in:
Preparation for the negotiation Development of collaborative and win – win relationships with all partners Working together and adding value to all parties in the negotiation table Negotiation skills and aptitudes that a negotiator should develop
Collaborative Negotiation Table: “Win-Win”  

Internal marketing

Internal Marketing Programs provide to the internal team a solid academically and practically training in:
Internal Information Circuit Internal Communication Inter – functional coordination Strategically alignment with the organization’s objectives Internal Branding
 Team leadership Team leadership Programs provides to the internal organization a solid academically and practically training in:
Leadership professional skills and competencies Methods in leading teams Team motivation techniques

Team work and Empowerment

Team Work and Empowerment provides to the internal organization a solid academically and practically training in:Forming multi – disciplinary working teams with orientation at: inter – functional coordination, client, market and sales. Strategic management of multi – disciplinary teams with special focus in working together in order to:
  • Actively provide solutions to the company´s needs
  • Create innovating ideas in all areas
  • Transform the innovating ideas in added value for the brand
  • Empowerment and delegation of tasks