Expand Your Business

If you are planning to expand your business in global market and don’t know where to start, then Global Group One is the best source to establish your business in foreign countries. Our success rate is impressive because we are the part of an extensive global professional network that complements our regional coverage through the knowledge of local markets, connections in government and public sectors, language skills,We will also discuss your brand with key potential brand partners in targeted markets. These distributors already represent other global brands and have a sales and marketing infrastructure in place. They are experts in their market and have strong relationships with retailers across a broad variety of sales channels.

Planning process details many key facets to going international including, supply chain management, pricing strategies, distribution agreements, product compliance, intellectual property, development of brand assets, market research, brand positioning, channel marketing, target retailers and more,Our formulation and implementation of business strategies are unique and proven methods for target markets to deliver highly successful results to our clients in a timely, efficient and cost-effective manners.

Our expertise in business intelligence, in-depth knowledge of target markets and successful market entree, put our clients in front seat to watch and understand the global business, competitive environment and expansion of their products and services taken shape in foreign countries.

We don’t view ourselves as consultants, but rather an extension of your sales team. Our job is to get you where you want to be whether you are targeting a key market in South Asia or trying to list your brand with a leading retailers in Russia or simply looking for manufacturing, product or supplier in China, We will work with you to unlock those limitless opportunities.